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Looking for the best bespoke suit, custom wedding suit, bespoke tuxedo, or every day suit that fits you to perfection? Well look no further because at Klein Epstein Parker we make your wildest custom suit dreams possible. We believe in luxurious craftsmanship and that's why all of our custom tailored tuxedos and suits are made from high quality European fabrics. Let us help you find freedom through fashion by getting started and clicking below to schedule your fitting appointment with our highly experienced stylists.

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  • One size does not fit all when it comes to jackets. We have different styles, cuts, and fits so you can create your perfect your perfect piece.

  • Every jacket comes with your choice of a special lining, giving your jacket personality and flair.

  • From classic zip fly to drawstring waistbands - you can create trousers that work for any and every occasion.

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On 52 Hudson Street in Tribeca, you’ll find Klein Epstein Parker. We are located close to Wall Street and the financial center of the world (About 0.5 mile from the world trade center to be exact). Thousands of professionals have found KEP since we first opened its doors 3 years ago. Will you be next?

51 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

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The KEP Custom Experience

At Klein Epstein Parker, we believe in fashion that is Bold, timeless, & Inspirational because how you dress expresses who you are. And what better way to state who you are than with custom clothing designed by you. Mix wild patterns, colors and silhouettes to create the unexpected. It's perfect because it's uniquely you. With our large selection of custom clothing such as custom suits, bespoke shirts, polos, custom cardigans, custom-made denim and jeans, and even custom shoes you can build an entire wardrobe that fits to perfection. We believe in superior value and artisan craftsmanship both in the creation of the clothes and the way you choose to style it; custom sneakers under a custom suit and wingtips under custom denim. We believe in Freedom-freedom through fashion. Born in LA with fabrics from Italy, handmade in Europe, and service that will make you feel like family.

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