Our Beliefs

At Klein Epstein Parker, we believe in style over fashion. Rebel style: Bold. Timeless. Inspirational. Because how you dress shows who you are. Everything is custom made just for you. We love to Rebel by mixing wild patterns, colors and silhouettes to create the unexpected. It's Perfect because it's uniquely you. All custom made, nobody the same. Custom suits, bespoke shirts, custom cardigans, custom-made denim and jeans. But also, custom shoes, bespoke T-shirts and custom polos. We believe in superior value and artisan craftsmanship both in the creation of the clothes and the way you choose to style it; custom sneakers under a custom suit and wingtips under custom denim. We believe in Freedom - freedom through fashion. Born in LA with fabrics from Italy and hand made in Europe. Most of all, we believe in service; real Service you can “touch”.

Experience the Wow Factor

Every week we have a new customer walk into our store, frantically looking for a great suit. They are distraught because they just came from another "custom" suit company who just couldn't seem to get it right; leaving the customer disappointed, sad, and embarrassed. Their suit looks worse than off the rack with bulky sleeves, shoulders too wide, sleeves too short, and pants too long. But unfortuntely that's not even the worst part. Because not only does the suit not fit them like custom is meant to, but it also misses that rich drape. Know what we mean? That “wow factor” that you can’t describe, but can only express in a lit up face when you put your arms through that silky jacket and take your first glance in the mirror. Your heart feels full because you finally found a place that sees you and values you as a unique individual. And more than that, they get you. And looking into that mirror, you finally see yourself - not just a piece of yourself suffocated by clothes too big, but instead freed by perfectly fitting attire with quality you can see but can’t decipher. At Klein Epstein Parker, we see you for who you really are and deliver that "wow factor". Compounding from Italian Fabrics and traditional make, our suits are hand stictched and never glued together; shaped with horsehair and linen, beautifully decorated with horn kissing buttons, and decadent accented threads. All the works. Why? Because custom fashion is a profession and that's why we only hire the best with seasoned professionals with over 75+ combined years of experience to guide you through your fitting and design journey. With passion and love we build astonishing suits and fix “bad” suits because we want YOU to look and feel great.

Discover the Wow Factor for Yourself

What We Offer

Suits used to be reserved for the office sporting only the most mundane colors, fitting too large for comfort, all uniform lacking individuality - dull without imagination. At Klein Epstein Parker we break these rules because we believe that feeling your best starts with feeling and looking like your unique self. That's why we offer options to fit every individual. What are the options? Casual, worn fitted, sharp, bright colors in wool, linen, silk and cotton. From mustard to black, blue or bordeaux, floral or plaid, the best Italian weavers, fresh colorful linings and interesting horn buttons all unique and custom made. From wedding to the beach. Worn as separates, or dressed up together. A custom pair of pants with a custom polo, custom denim with just the vest or the jacket on a custom T-shirt with chinos. Style reinvented. Versatile. This is Rebel style.

Made Just for YOU

At Klein Epstein Parker we don't just sell clothes, we offer an experience. An experience that leaves you feeling valued, seen, and above all looking the way you've only dreamed of. We deliver style. Rebel style: bold, timeless and inspirational. All custom made, because nobody is the same. Superior value and artisan craftsmanship. Custom sneakers under an unlined bespoke wedding suit. Wingtips under a made to measure jogging pant. In all colors you can imagine. From Purple, Black, Ocean Blue, White to Grey. Freedom. Everyone his/her/their own design. We offer freedom. Freedom through fashion. Custom made by us. Designed by you.

Our Passion - Helping You

We drive home after a long week at the store and see the long lines across the street. Popular clubs getting crowded with lines of beautiful and excited people dressed to the nines. Sure we miss standing in those lines on a Friday night or bingeing our favorite tv shows like RuPaul's Drag Race and Queer Eye, but none of those things compare to our real passion - helping our favorite customers like you. Nothing compares to the smile on thousands of happy KEP Rebels' faces. The ultimate freedom in fashion - making people like you look and feel great for every occasion whether it's your wedding, work or a casual jog. For every moment life has to offer - we are all in. No cutting corners. We sacrifice so you don’t have to. Because we love what we do. We love helping you.

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